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The International Quest to Help and Heal Communities In Need All Around The World

Immunity boost oils are made using only the purest oils, incense and herbs. By using our exclusive "Flash Infusion" process, we infuse the vitamins, minerals and turpenes directly into the actual oil itself for delivery by topical or oral use.

Our oil is absorbed directly into the skin, and into the bloodstream. Your skin being the largest organ of the body, the surface area allows for faster delivery of nutrients to the area of concern. 

     The infused Frankincense  and Myrrh deliver concentrated minerals and help increase blood flow and relieve inflammation which is the source of pain.


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Bulgaria Journey

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Isreal Journey

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Flash Gordon

​"Our team here is to bring natural healing to those in need around the world for a fraction of the price of big time pharmaceutical companies. Our recent trip to the island of Dominica with Tyler Norris of Soul​r and operation resilient Dominica. Hurricane Maria left the island of Dominica with out electricity or running water which has also effected the economy severely. Our mission helped testify to and heal over 500 people, many of whom received a free bottle of Kure-It healing oil. We also help teach people about natural healthy choices in diets, proper wound care. Every Bottle of Kure-It you buy heals you and someone else! Thank you for helping supporting our mission." 

- Gordon Pennington

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